Why ARE we putting up with this?

I'd been working for the last few days on the speech I gave today at the rally, March Against Monsanto.  Every time I'm forced to clarify my thoughts, they're tightening up.  But today, while driving to the rally, the thought occurred to me that might be the core of all my concerns for our future. If you think about all the "bad" things in our civilization - poverty, hunger, violence, war, homelessness, joblessness, pollution, poisonous food, anything you can come up with - at the other end of the economic spectrum, someone is getting obscenely rich off those actions.  Think about it. 

Why have the people at the top of the Ag business denied any problems with GMOs?  Because they're getting rich off them, to hell with the long-term consequences. 

Why have the people at the top of GM denied any problems with their ignition modules?  Because they're getting rich off them, too bad if some people are being killed.

Why have the bankers on Wall Street denied any responsibility for the millions of families  who've lost their homes?  Because they got rich off those people.

Why do the coal and oil companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to create and disseminate disinformation - just like the tobacco industry did - instead of investing those dollars to switch to from fossil-fuels to bio-fuels?  Because they're getting rich off fossil-fuels and they wouldn't get AS rich off bio-fuels. 

Why do we put up with this?  Capitalism is just another human-designed game.  WE, the people who vote for our elected representatives are in control of the boundaries and rules of this capitalism game.  The rules of capitalism change all the time.  Two hundred years ago buying and selling humans was acceptable.  Then we changed the rules.  A hundred years ago child labor was acceptable. Then we changed the rules. Sixty years ago, dumping raw sewage and industrial waste into rivers, lakes, oceans and the atmosphere was standard practice.  Then we changed the rules.

It's time we changed the rules so psychopaths and sociopaths are not incented and glorified for raking obscene numbers of dollars from the rest of us to the detriment of our entire society.